Reflexology can support fertility both naturally and in conjunction with IVF by stimulating specific pressure points on the feet, which correspond to reproductive organs. This practice can help balance hormones, reduce stress, and enhance overall reproductive health.

Reflexology is a traditional therapy that uses the stimulation of the ‘reflex arcs’ within the nervous system in order to stimulate specific actions and responses within the body and change the body’s environment. It is essentially a way of using our body as a switchboard to the brain – most commonly the hands and feet are used due to the high concentration of nerves in these areas.

Certain massage techniques and manipulations are used to both palpate and stimulate specific points on the hands and feet that can create responses and reflex actions that both help to highlight problematic issues in addition to creating a reaction within the body to help modulate pain and improve recovery time from illness.

Reflexology can also be used for relaxation and well-being, as it helps to regulate the nervous system and helps us transition from being in ‘fight or flight’ mode to a more calm ‘rest and digest’ mode.

Honestly, the best acupuncture clinic have ever been too. I have never felt so in tune with my body, and I now have a regular cycle due to my treatment plan. ALL the ladies are amazing – especially Andrea & Kate. Kate has such a wealth of knowledge in all areas and will really go the extra mile to help you. If you are considering starting any treatments, I strongly advise going to the Juniper clinic!! Thank you again ladies – I cant wait for my journey to continue with you!